How do you connect online with potential patients without leaving yourself open to a potentially damaging lawsuit?

Keep reading to discover the easiest HIPAA-compliant form solution on the market today.

Conversions are the most important thing to understand on your website. A conversion is when a web surfer becomes a potential patient by giving you their information. Medical practices have the unique challenge of protecting patient information, especially online. If you don't use HIPAA-Compliant forms on on your website, you're leaving yourself open to a huge lawsuit.

HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms from ID Digital provide a secure way to take your potential patients' information online, making it easier for you to grow your practice.

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Key Benefits of HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms with ID Digital

For most practices, the investment to launch a HIPAA-compliant form solution costs $250 initial setup plus $150 per month (for up to 120 form submissions). When you consider what you will save in wasted office time alone, the investment is more than worth the cost.

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