How do you maximize your marketing dollars to grow your practice in today's complex marketing landscape?

Continue reading and you will discover the simplest, easiest way to empower your staff with the tools they need to better market your practice.

If you're like most doctors and practice managers-through no fault of your own-you're not sure how to maximize your marketing dollars. Your expertise is in delivering high-quality care, not marketing. Yet effective marketing is critical to growing your practice, especially in the multi-faceted world of new media.

Springboard Master Class is the solution for your practice, providing a proven framework and practical tools for diving into new media marketing.

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Key Benefits of Springboard Master Class Membership

All of that for an initial investment of only $2.97 for the first 14 days!

And after 14 days, your Springboard Master Class investment is only $99/month over 8 months.

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If, after 8 months, you don't believe the Springboard Master Class program has completely changed the way you market your practice, we'll refund your full investment.

Through implementing a combination of marketing tactics-postcards, emails, and social media, we added 837 new patients in 3 months. Vicky Fant, The Woman's Clinic

In 2012, The Woman's Clinic realized that if they wanted to grow their practice, they would need to change the way the were investing their marketing dollars. Through designing a comprehensive framework for all of their marketing, they were able to implement several key ideas that brought in new patients and reconnected with previous ones. The result? Their overall revenue grew 30% in 2012. Simply because they let the Springboard Master Class philosophy guide their marketing efforts. You can experience the same kind of growth if you start with Springboard Master Class today.

Here is What You Get

Your Springboard Master Class membership includes high-level strategic coaching, ready-to-use resources, and real world examples to help you build your Perfect Patient Lifecycle and grow your practice.

Springboard Master Class is delivered in 8 modules, one per month. Here's a breakdown of what's included in each module.


Dive In Kit: Quickly Increase Your Repeat Patient Procedures

  • Video: Program Overview & How to Get the Most Out of Springboard
  • Dive In Tool: 3-Email Campaign to Get Patients Back for a Colon Screening
  • Dive In Tool: 5-minute Phone Call Script to Schedule More Appointments
  • Dive In Tool: Direct Mail Postcard Designs to Encourage Patients to Call Your Office
  • Dive In Tool: Website Evaluation Checklist-Is it Time for an Update?
You get the entire Dive In Kit for $2.97! Get Started Now!

Building Your Perfect Patient Lifecycle

  • Video: Understanding the Perfect Patient Lifecycle
  • eBook: Understanding a Perfect Patient Lifecycle and Why It's Important for Your Practice
  • Dive In Worksheet: Defining Your Practice's Perfect Patient Lifecycle
  • Dive In Tool: 5 Tips for Turning Your EMR System into a Marketing Tool

Attracting Traffic (social media)

  • Video: Using Social Media for Digital Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Dive In Worksheet: Evaluating 5 Potential Ways to Leverage Social Media in Your Practice
  • Dive In Tool: How to Set Up a Business Facebook Page for Your Practice and Bring in  Patients With It
  • Dive In Tool: Build Facebook Ads that Increase Likes (includes 12 done-for-you ads)
  • eBook: Understanding HIPAA and Social Media (PDF) (includes Social Media Policies samples)

Capturing Potential Patients (website design)

  • Video: Designing your Site to Turn Traffic into Revenue for Your Practice
  • Dive In Worksheet: Defining Your Website's Goals (Key Performance Indicators)
  • eBook: Making Sure Your Site is HIPAA Compliant
  • Dive In Tool: Website Analytics 101-Understanding Key Measurements & Making  Adjustments for Long-Term Success

Nurturing Prospects (providing value with fresh content)

  • Video: Building Trust through Content Marketing
  • Dive In Worksheet: Evaluating Your Website's Content Freshness Rating & Why It's  Important
  • Dive In Tool: Key GI Dates Calendar
  • Dive In Tool: Content Calendar Template
  • Bonus Video: Fresh Content from Springboard Master Class Every Month-Special Offer for Springboard Members

Deliver (crafting a great in-office experience)

  • Video: Making Sure Your Patients Have a Positive Experience from Start to Finish
  • Dive In Tool: Implementing a Patient Perspective Analysis
  • Dive In Tool: Simple Patient Feedback Forms (includes done-for-you forms)

Additional Services (getting patients back)

  • Video: Why Follow Up Matters-Don't Leave Money on the Table
  • Dive In Tool: Follow-up Email Templates (3 months, 6 months, 12 months)
  • Dive In Tool: Follow-up Phone Call Scripts (3 days, 1 month)
  • Dive in Tool: Building an Effective Enewsletter for Your Practice

Word of Mouth Referrals & Positive Online Reviews

  • Video: Referrals & Reviews-Unlocking the Secret to Practice Growth
  • Dive In Tool: Sample Letters to General Practitioners (includes done-for-you letter samples)
  • Dive In Tool: 3 Lunch & Learn Seminar Outlines (includes done-for-you outlines)
  • eBook: Leveraging the Power of Online Reviews


If, after 8 months, you don't believe the Springboard Master Class program has completely changed
the way you market your practice, we'll refund your full investment. That's right. There's no risk...
because we'll give you your money back.

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