Get rid of your marketing worries once and for all by putting the whole ID Digital team to work for you.

Continue reading and you will discover the simplest, easiest way to empower your staff with the tools they need to better market your practice.

Springboard and Springboard Content will definitely help your practice grow, but they don't deliver specific strategies for your unique practice. And, the most effective marketing happens when strategies can be adjusted over time for greater results.

You can't afford to hire a full-time marketing person, and even if you could, you would be limited to that single individual's skill set.

Message Management from ID Digital delivers an integrated team of professionals-each an expert in a specific field-to develop and implement your marketing plan.

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Key Benefits of Message Management with ID Digital

For most practices, the investment for Message Management is between $2500-$4000 per month. You can't even hire a good administrative assistant for that! Once our clients see the results we provide, they wonder why we don't charge more! If you're truly serious about growing your practice, this is the way to do it.

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It's great to know that ID Digital has our back. They've brought solutions to us that we never would have found on our own... and they just plain get things done. I don't even understand the nuts and bolts of everything they do, but I know it's working. Scot McIntosh, Southern California Gastroenterology Group

We began partnering with SoCal Gastro Group in late 2011. Over the past two years, we've seen a 45% increase in unique visitors to their website, which has contributed to the practice's overall growth. In late 2013, we implemented multiple strategies to increase their local online presence-enhanced local directory SEO and an online review tool that requests and posts positive online reviews. Both of these strategies have already yielded great results and we only expect those to grow in the future.

Here is What You Get

There are different options for a Message Management partnership with ID Digital. Here is what's included when you put our team to work to grow your practice.


A dedicated Relationship Manager that serves as your day-to-day conduit to the entire ID Digital team.


AttractingComplete audit and baseline search engine optimization (SEO) of your current website. To get things started off right, we go through your site from top to bottom and make sure you're set up for long-term success related to SEO.


Ongoing SEO for your website, including adjusting strategies based on quarterly traffic analysis.


Unique content for your specific practice's blog and social media channels. That's right-we write content just for your practice, which provides value to your patients and increases your search engine rankings through fresh, relevant content.


Active management of your social media channels, including posting and interacting with potential patients. We'll take over Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, posting status updates and corresponding images on a regular basis.


Social media promotion and ad management (as desired). A great way to grow your online audience is to run promotions or ads on Facebook. Let our team handle these things with minimal interaction needed from you... and watch your online audience grow (and your practice along with it).


Local online directory updating to make sure your practice is listed correctly for local search. The internet is becoming increasingly local, so this is a key element of any comprehensive SEO strategy.


Soliciting and posting online reviews through our Review App. Reviews from other patients are more likely to bring in new patients than any other single tactic. Our Review App makes it simple to request and then post positive online reviews from your patients.


By completing the form below, you are not making a commitment to any specific Message Management package with ID Digital. You're only committing to a conversation where we will determine the best package for your needs.

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